Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cosplay Antics: MCM Part 2

Cosplay Antics will be a behind the scenes look into what Cosplay really is, the creations of favourite characters from books/graphic novels/manga/anime/Disney as they are being made and the final product before meets. We will also be including some guest posts from other Cosplayer's.

Back last week in my MCM Part 1 post, I talked about how I created and made my Classical/Dapper Mickey Mouse. Cosplay outfit for MCM back in May, this week I'll be showing you how I made the rest and the final product.

Note- I cannot use a sewing machine, so everything I do is glued or hand sewn. Not bragging or anything. ;)
 There were a ton of things  I had to do to complete the outfit, which included;

  •  Top Hat with ears,

  •  Bow Tie,

  •  Shirt,

  • Waist Coat,

  • Pants/Trousers,

  • Boots and Spats (boot covers)

  • Cane.