Thursday, 24 July 2014

Welcome Amber, and Introducing two new Features!

Hello! This is Kirsty for a minute before I hand you over to Amber, who is coincidentally also my cousin (I know- who knew?) She'll take care of you, promise. I've been wanting to do something on the blog for a while, something different and fun but didn't know what to do, and then Amber said she wanted to start blogging about the things she does (which, we'll get to that in a minute), and we realised, hey, it's to do with books and tada! Amber will now be taking over the blog on most Thursdays, under our features; 

 Cosplay Antics

Cosplay Antics will be a behind the scenes look into what Cosplay really is, the creations of favourite characters from books/graphic novels/manga/anime/Disney as they are being made and the final product before meets. We will also be including some guest posts from other Cosplayer's.