Monday, 30 December 2013

Review: Red


Publication Date: First published October 8th 2013 (Also being published January 2nd 2014)  
~A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review~

Which cover do you prefer?

Felicity St. John has it all—loyal best friends, a hot guy, and artistic talent. And she’s right on track to win the Miss Scarlet pageant. Her perfect life is possible because of just one thing: her long, wavy, coppery red hair.

Having red hair is all that matters in Scarletville. Redheads hold all the power—and everybody knows it. That’s why Felicity is scared down to her roots when she receives an anonymous note:

I know your secret.

Because Felicity is a big fake. Her hair color comes straight out of a bottle. And if anyone discovered the truth, she’d be a social outcast faster than she could say "strawberry blond." Her mother would disown her, her friends would shun her, and her boyfriend would dump her. And forget about winning that pageant crown and the prize money that comes with it—money that would allow her to fulfill her dream of going to art school.

Felicity isn’t about to let someone blackmail her life away. But just how far is she willing to go to protect her red cred?

Disclosure: I have nothing against red-heads, I clearly dye my hair it.
If like I did, you go to read Red with an open mind- knowing that's it is indeed a comedy, and not entirely taking it seriously, then it can change your mood. However, though I did finish it, and I did sort of enjoy it, it's not one that sticks out to me, even if it annoyed me in a lot of places.