Thursday, 17 July 2014

DNF Round-Up: June

This is probably my last DNF Round-Up for a while, since I read all my July books and didn't DNF any, and I've almost finished my August books and haven't DNF'D any there either, so two months of full book reading, I'm happy. 

I didn't finish The Truth Against the World because it was 1) boring and 2) about Wales and Welsh people. Welsh people should not read it.

05/25 "A Welsh person reading a book about and set in Wales. What could go wrong?..."
14.0% "Yeah and dw i'n hoffi coffi, but what the fuck has that got to do with anything?"
14.0% "You're on hold. Go sit in the naughty corner."

Yeah. I got to 14% and put it on hold. I never picked it back up.

Now, I didn't finish this because 1) boring (see the trend?) and 2) this should be marketed towards the younger YA than YA. It's kind of between MG-YA, it was just...ugh. I read the first 30% and then skimmed to 50% and gave up.
marked as:
20.0% "Ugh, this is painful."
06/03 marked as: read

The whole "pretending to be a boy and they don't know she's a girl until oops they do' rubs me the wrong way for some reason, especially because she's liking the one guy and yeah, if it's supposed to be a transgender or gay romance, I'm for it, but because it's not, it just got weird.

And they all talked...weird. The adults didn't sound like adults, and that more than anything in a book, makes it for me.