Thursday, 25 June 2015

Guest Review by Amber: The Perfectionists

The Perfectionists
Publication Date: October 2nd 2014        
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Pages: 267
Rough estimate of time it took to read: 1 week (it was a slow reading week)
Source: Gifted by Kirsty 

In Beacon Heights High, Nolan Hotchkiss is king. His charm, wealth and good looks are deceptively seductive, and many are the students whose lives and reputations have been ruined by it. All while Nolan continues to reign, unquestioned and undisrupted. Until now, that is.

Mackenzie, Ava, Julie, Caitlin and Parker seemingly don't have much in common. Each has their own friends, dramas and goals. But one thing they do share: they all have a deep hatred of Nolan Hotchkiss. And they all think it's about time he paid for what he's done. They come up with the perfect murder - a hypothetical murder, of course. It's all wishful thinking ... until they wake up one morning to find that their wish has come true. Nolan has been killed - in exactly the way they planned. The thing is, they didn't do it. So who did?

This is the first time I'm reading and reviewing the same book Kirsty has previously reviewed (if you want to check her review out, you can find it here...) and although I didn't entirely hate it as Kirsty did  (or as she puts it, it felt more of a Pretty Little Liars 2.0) I do have mixed feelings for The Perfectionists. Although I did really enjoy the story, maybe more so because I haven't read Pretty Little Liars (I have had a look at how many there are though and whoa) or watched the TV show, I did have a few issues with the book, mainly due to the characters, but I am looking forward to reading more.

My main problem with The Perfectionists are the characters, I found them to be very very superficial and shallow, and at time a bit "run of the mill" teenager/brat, and it was hard to tell the characters apart from the other. The ending also felt rushed, which since there were quite a few filler chapters, I would've preferred a non rushed ending compared to fillers.

Then we come to that ending. And it leaves on a cliffhanger, so now of course I want to find out what happens in the next one, curse you book.