Thursday, 16 January 2014

Booking Through Thursday: Equality

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme, hosted by btt2, about (mostly) books and reading.

All other things (writing quality, story, etc), which would you rather read?
1. Something written by a man or a woman?
2. Something with a male or female protagonist?
3. Something funny or something tragic?
4. Something short or something long with many parts?
5. Something simple or something layered?

1) It depends on the story itself, and whether the main perspectives female/male. But, I'm not too bothered as long as the writing reads realistic.
2) I connect easier with female protagonists, but I've been reading a few with male.

3) Guess it's depends on what mood I'm in, though I do prefer something heavy than light.

4) The shorter the book, the less I feel like I have to time to connect with the characters, and the story doesn't seem whole. The longer a book, the more complex it becomes, and that also might not be a good thing, I prefer something in the middle.

5) Answer #4.