Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pretty Dark Nothing 50% in Review

Pretty Dark Nothing
Author: Heather L Reid
Publication Date: April 23rd 2013
Source : Egalley from Month9Books via Netgalley (Thank you!)

It’s been twenty three days since Quinn has slept for more than minutes at a time. Demons have invaded her dreams, stalking her, and whispering of her death. The lack of sleep and crippling fear are ruining her life. Energy drinks and caffeine pills don’t make a dent. When Quinn dozes off in the school hallway, Aaron, an amnesiac with a psychic ability, accidentally enters her nightmare. The demons are determined to keep them apart, and Aaron from discovering the secret locked away in his memory. Together, they could banish the darkness back to the underworld for good. That is, unless the demons kill them first.

      Halfway Review: 
Eighteen months ago, the day her father walked out and never came home, Quinn Taylor started having nightmares of dark entities reaching out for her. Thinking it was her subconscious giving her a way to deal with his absence she doesn’t think much of it. Until the nightmares get worse and worse, from harmless nightmares to dark, vivid and dangerous Quinn hasn’t had a full night’s sleep for twenty-three days. Trying everything she can to stay awake, blasting music that’s way past healthy for your eardrums, red bull, caffeine pills and even physically hurting herself to keep awake, but eventually she falls asleep, and the nightmares begin as soon as she closes her eyes, first the oncoming cold, tendrils of fog choking her and dragging her dream self tunnelling through the dark void until she smacks into the hard, cold ground of a forest floors where the darkness lay.