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She should keep in mind, she should keep in mind, there is nothing I do better than revenge.

The Revenge Artist
Publcation Date: November 18th 2015
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~A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review~

They say money can't buy you love. Becca Williamson begs to differ.

Once upon a time, Becca was the Break-Up Artist, tearing apart unhealthy relationships at her school for just $100 via PayPal. But after a job went really wrong, she went legit for love and now brings couples together. Crushing on that supercute guy in Chemistry but too shy to say hi? Becca has the right formula. Pining for that artsy girl who vowed never to date a jock? Becca will ensure love conquers all. She's even engineered a relationship of her own: the funny, sweet and unbelievably cute Fred Teplitzky, the one guy who knows exactly what to say to make our unflappable heroine&amp...well, flappable.

But before she can pick out a graduation robe and enjoy her last months at Ashland High, Becca has to deal with a new Break-Up Artist on the block. And this master manipulator is dead set on one thing: revenge. Someone is going around destroying all of the couples she's worked hard to unite. Now Becca has to outwit and outscheme her new foe in a dirty cat-and-mouse chase filled with hacked emails, video surveillance, reputation ruining and a few candy hearts. Especially when she realizes that the Revenge Artist's number one target is her and Fred.

Looks like there are no such things as clean breaks.

I really enjoyed The Break-Up artist last year, it was a fun quick read full of personality and drama. Although my main problem with it was the high schools weird obsession of having a boyfriend, which was everything and you were obviously a poor suffering alien if you weren't a couple. Thankfully, that wasn't an issue here, considering Becca is no longer The Break-Up Artist, and more of a matchmaker, but it seemed like everyone learned a lesson and weren't so obnoxious. 

So, Becca's now a relationship engineer, for the same price via PayPal, she now brings people together, and with her also having a boyfriend now, she's a little less cynical (but she's always going to be cynical). Enter...The Revenge Artist, who, well, wants revenge by attacking the very couples Becca brings together, and her own relationship with Fred.

Of course there is still drama.

I think, the thing about Becca is, she's stubborn, and I mean stubborn to the point that it works very easily against her, especially with The Revenge Artist, who coincidently, does very little compared to what Becca did to break up couples. But she's realistic in that way, we don't want or like it when people get the best of you, when someone's playing your game, you want to win. Becca goes through a lot of growth, and although she does cause most of the things that happens, it also shows her what she really wants. She's uncertain about what she wants in her future, and who she wants with her. It's something you can relate to.

I did figure out who The Revenge Artist is, after all, keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Overall, The Revenge Artist is a great follow up to The Break-Up Artist, but if you weren't so fussed on The Break-Up Artist, the follow up might be more to your liking, because it also has a tooth achingly adorable epilogue, and for once I'm not being sarcastic.

                                                                           Rating: 4/5