Thursday, 25 July 2013

Playlist Thursday

Music has always been apart of my life, and like others, especially when writing. Certain songs have gotten me through certain parts of my life that could have ended a lot different than it did.

I usually don't listen to music while reading, but recently I've started compiling playlists for books before reading just by the summary and feel, to see if what I've picked works with the one I'm reading, which I recently did with Branded by , , (you can find that playlist and review here.)

Now, while reading All Our Yesterdays  (which, I'll be posting my review tomorrow!), as soon as I got sucked into that heart-breaking world, I knew I had to finish it before even thinking of applying music to it. I've gone through tons and I mean  tons of songs and finally compiled a playlist!

Since my review isn't due until tomorrow I thought I'd preview my playlist instead. Since I can literally talk your head off about music (seriously I so could), and can compile a playlist the size of my iPod, I've done a Top Ten. I've also decided to do this every Thursday.

(Click on the song titles to listen!)

  1. Irrelevant- Lauren Aquilina
  2. Currents- Dashboard Confessional
  3. The Whole World Is Falling Apart, & The Salvation of One - Enation (Technically, this is 2, but shhh.)
  4. This Is The First Thing  - You Me At Six
  5. Falling - Florence + The Machine
  6. Explode - Darren Hayes
  7. Cruel Cruel World - Darren Hayes
  8. Enemy Among Us - Paper Route
  9. Goodbye - Secondhand Serenade
  10. The War Inside - Switchfoot
Do you create playlists when writing/reading?