Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cosplay Antics: MCM Part 1

Cosplay Antics will be a behind the scenes look into what Cosplay really is, the creations of favourite characters from books/graphic novels/manga/anime/Disney as they are being made and the final product before meets. We will also be including some guest posts from other Cosplayer's.

Back in May this year, I went to my first major Cosplay event outside of Cardiff, MCM in London. To prepare for the Cosplay event, I started the costume I wanted to wear back in the previous September

Note- I cannot use a sewing machine, so everything I do is glued or hand sewn. Not bragging or anything. ;)

What I wanted to do, I decided to Cosplay the Classical/Dapper Mickey Mouse. There were a ton of things  I had to do to complete the outfit, which included;

  •  Top Hat with ears,

  •  Bow Tie,

  •  Shirt,

  • Waist Coat,

  • Pants/Trousers,

  • Boots and Spats (boot covers)

  • Cane.

To begin with I started with the waist coat, which I bought one from Hatts Vintage Emporium at my local market along with some wavy ribbon from a haberdashery stall in the same location. I then attached the white ribbon along the edges of the waist coat starting from behind the neckline and moving to the front. I also changed the black buttons to white.
In progress of the waist coat

I continued on with the Top Hat by buying a cardboard top hate from the Joke Shop, and then got some polystyrene "planets" from HobbyCraft. To edit these into what I needed them to be, I covered both the Top Hat and polystyrene in crushed black velvet cloth and used ribbon on the edges by using craft glue and sewing it into place.

Making the ears
After making the "ears" I sewed them to the hat, and after that, attached a white and black ribbon bow to it.
Finished product

And that concludes Part One. Next week, I'll be going into the Cain and Boots.
So what do you think? Do you or have you ever thought of Cosplaying? Any questions? Comment below! :)