Thursday, 4 September 2014

Countdown Survey

This is Christy's @ Christy's Book Addiction tag- well, survey- I've been meaning to do it for a while, but kept forgetting to do it, oops.

10 - Books already released on your wishlist
  1. The Kiss of Deception by 
  2. Fangirl by
  3. Open Road Summer by
  4. Something Real by
  5. The Distance Between Us by
  6. Magnolia by
  7. The Dark World by
  8. Everything Leads to You by
  9. The Merciless by
  10. Fiendish  by

9 – Favourite Covers



8 – Not yet released books that you can’t wait for
  1. The Infinite Sea by (I know it's out this month, yesssss!)

7 – Auto-buy Authors

6 – Book Boyfriends
Okay, this is going to be recent/first ones that come out of my head.

  1. Arin - The Winners Curse
  2. Chaol- Throne of Glass
  3. Morpheus and Jeb- Splintered (Oh hush, I can't choose)
  4. Sayer- The Half Life of Molly Pierce
  5. Drill- Rites of Passage
  6. Dimitri Belikov - Vampire Academy

5 – Books you recommend the most Because they hurt You.

We're including series', right? We are? Yay! *cough* I've renamed it Books You Recommend The Most Because They Hurt You, because, well, they killed me 
  1. Heart-Shaped Bruise by Oh God.
  2. The Fault in Our Stars by I can't.
  3. Throne of Glass Series by  Stop hurting Celaena
  4. Dangerous Boys by Because holy sociopath
  5. Vampire Academy Series by  Richelle Mead, the end.

4 – Books you thought you’d like but didn’t
  1. The Dolls by Voodoo! Voodoo! There was not much Voodoo going on. More axis slowing down because oh look! Boy!
  2. This Wicked Game by   Voodoo! Again. I'm sensing a trend. Boring characters, and even worse, a freaking stupid lead.
  3. Amity by Can the real sociopath please stand up?
  4. Transparent by I take X-Men very seriously.

3 – Books that made you cry
  1. Heart-Shaped Bruise by It hurt, it did.
  2. The Fault in Our Stars by  It's why I have three copies, cried all over the first, second's signed and thirds a hardback, it'll live forever!
  3. Throne of Glass Series by   Again, Stop hurting Celaena She's breaking my heart in Heir of Fire right now.

2– Books you never plan on reading
  1. A Game of Thrones by   And the rest. 
  2. The Lord of the Rings by   

1. Favourite Genre at the moment
  1. Psychological Thrillers, bitches. I've been watching too much PLL.