Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cosplay Antics: MCM Part 2

Cosplay Antics will be a behind the scenes look into what Cosplay really is, the creations of favourite characters from books/graphic novels/manga/anime/Disney as they are being made and the final product before meets. We will also be including some guest posts from other Cosplayer's.

Back last week in my MCM Part 1 post, I talked about how I created and made my Classical/Dapper Mickey Mouse. Cosplay outfit for MCM back in May, this week I'll be showing you how I made the rest and the final product.

Note- I cannot use a sewing machine, so everything I do is glued or hand sewn. Not bragging or anything. ;)
 There were a ton of things  I had to do to complete the outfit, which included;

  •  Top Hat with ears,

  •  Bow Tie,

  •  Shirt,

  • Waist Coat,

  • Pants/Trousers,

  • Boots and Spats (boot covers)

  • Cane.

Continuing on from making the ears, and after sewing on Giant White Buttons to the back of the plain black tail coat, I started on the Cane and Boot /Spat covers.
The Cane/Staff originally looked like this, before editing.
I bought the Cane/Staff from the Joke Shop and bought some newspaper and magazines and ripped them into strips to start on the papier-mâché I had to use to makeover the cane the way I needed to. Covering it in the papier-mâché to later paint, I used glue to stick Ping-Pong balls to the top of the cane to get the "ear" effect to turn it into a suitable staff. 

 In-progress shot.

Moving onto the boot covers, I outline the size/height/width of my boots onto some white leatherette,
and then proceeded to cut out all the pieces carefully, I hand sewed them together. Using the black
ribbons to outline and get the "stripe" look, with stand buttons to complete the overall look of them.
Outlines on Leatherette.

Materials used: White Leatherette, Black Ribbon, Buttons and Canvas Material, and with the help
from an online tutorial, I made the Spats for my boots, which slip on like a cover onto the boots,
and are removable.

The Spats.
After sewing everything together and painting and gluing final amendments I added one last coating of glue,
   and here is the final product.
With and without the tail coat.
To complete the final look, I bought a tie off of Ebay, the white shirt, black leggings and skirt from Primark.
Finished product.
 All of this, along with the first post, over months of work and buying an altering, it took me roughly 70 hours to complete the outfit. The complete outfit photo's we're taken In the hotel across from the MCM venue.

And that's how I created my Classical/Dapper Mickey Mouse. Kirsty and I are still planning what the
next Cosplay Antics piece will be, but next week, we'll be posting our first Edible Books.

 Fun Extra: While Kirsty and I were talking (since she edits the posts I send her- all mistakes are
on her) ;), this happened.
(Kirsty's in blue)
So what do you think of the complete project? Any questions? Ask away and comment below! :)