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Blog Tour: Crossing the Ice Guest Post & Giveaway

Welcome to my spot on the Crossing the Ice blog tour! Today, we have author Jennifer Comeaux on the blog, talking about what inspired her to use Figure Skating as the main feature in Crossing the Ice. Firstly, thank you for sharing, Jennifer, and give her a warm welcome guys. :)

 So, over to Jennifer!

 Crossing the Ice
Publication Date: August 3rd 2014

Falling hard never felt so good.
Pair skaters Courtney and Mark have one shot left at their Olympic dream. They vow not to let anything get in their way, especially not Josh and Stephanie, the wealthy and talented brother and sister team.

The heart doesn’t always listen to reason, though…

The more time Courtney spends with sweet, shy Josh, the harder she falls for him. But they are on opposite sides of the competition, and their futures are headed in opposite directions. Will their friendship blossom into more or are their paths too different to cross?

This is the first book in the new ICE series.

I’d like to thank Kirsty-Marie for having me as a guest on her blog! She asked me to share what inspired me to write about figure skating in my new release, Crossing the Ice.

I started watching figure skating on TV when I was a little girl, and even though I never actually skated, I was fascinated by the sport. It was so glamorous yet so athletic at the same time. When I got older, I started travelling to competitions as a fan, and my love for the sport grew even more. Seeing the programs live and feeling the energy of the performances was so thrilling. And the skaters were all around me at the hotel, on the bus, and at the arena. It made me feel like I was part of their world. That’s when I first got the idea for a story set in the skating world – a romance between a skater and her coach. This idea became the basis of my first book, Life on the Edge, and two other books soon followed – Edge of the Past and Fighting for the Edge.
I wanted to keep writing stories set in the skating world, so I decided to do a spin-off from the Edge series. Crossing the Ice tells the story of Courtney, a pair skater, who wants nothing more than to make the Olympic team. She doesn’t expect to fall for one of her biggest competitors, but her feelings for irresistibly sweet Josh can’t be denied. Will these feelings get in the way of Courtney achieving her Olympic dream?
I love writing about figure skaters because they are fierce competitors while also making the sport look so beautiful. They have to be both strong and soft. I also love writing about the Olympic dream because the stakes are so high. The skaters work tirelessly for one chance that only comes every four years. The emotions and the tension are off the charts during the Olympic season.


If you want to experience all these emotions and more, check out Courtney’s story in Crossing the Ice!





About the Author:


Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a diehard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. One of her favorite pastimes is traveling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing. 
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