Thursday, 24 July 2014

Welcome Amber, and Introducing two new Features!

Hello! This is Kirsty for a minute before I hand you over to Amber, who is coincidentally also my cousin (I know- who knew?) She'll take care of you, promise. I've been wanting to do something on the blog for a while, something different and fun but didn't know what to do, and then Amber said she wanted to start blogging about the things she does (which, we'll get to that in a minute), and we realised, hey, it's to do with books and tada! Amber will now be taking over the blog on most Thursdays, under our features; 

 Cosplay Antics

Cosplay Antics will be a behind the scenes look into what Cosplay really is, the creations of favourite characters from books/graphic novels/manga/anime/Disney as they are being made and the final product before meets. We will also be including some guest posts from other Cosplayer's.

Edible Books
Edible Books is exactly as it says on the tin, edible books. No, really. Edible Books will be recipes inspired by food mentioned in books, with taste testing's of course (sorry, not by you, by us.) ;)
Credit to Scrap and Tubes for the graphics used in making the banners. Have a tea party on us!
Now, I'm handing you over to Amber, have fun. She's a live one.
Hi guys, I'll introduce myself to you before I get into more of what it is I do, here are a few facts about me.

 Name: Amber Louise Jones
Age: 20 Time and age does not apply to me.
Height: 5'6 Taller than Kirsty, in your face Kirst.
Live: Cardiff in Wales It rains a lot.Online names: PoemMistress123/ Mistress Onyx
Nicknames: Mama/Papa mouse and Squeak/Squishy Evil little munchkin by Kirsty.Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Poet, Cosplayer and Baking.


If you haven't already figured out, my names Amber, I'm Kirsty's evil little munchkin cousin, I have many hobbies as stated above but the two that are the most interesting to me are my Cosplaying and my Baking. I have been a Cosplayer and baker for a large chunk of my life and it's been an extremely enjoyable thing to do.

Here is a run down of what I've been doing and what I'm going to do with these Features.

Cosplaying is something I've been interested in for a while, since I was around ten, but I've only just gotten more into it since 2012. Although I have been interested in Cosplaying for a long time it's only in the last couple of years I've been able to make my want to be- into a reality.

What Cosplaying is;


Well to sum up Cosplaying in one sentence is basically, "Dress up for Adults". Cosplaying is the act of dressing up as a Character from a various of sources, Books, Films, Cartoons, Manga, Anime, as well as that Character can be made and portrayed into Cosplay. Example: Harry Potter Quidditch Robes (also Wonderland, as in the banners). Taking Harry Potter as an example, there are two ways someone can portray any character from that world, whether it be from the books, or from the films adaptations. A Cosplay can take the descriptive forms from the books and turn them into a costume for a LARP (Live Action Role Play) or to just have something different to wear from "street" clothes once in a while.

There are different type of Cosplay and Cosplayer. But all are generalised by the word Cosplay as they all have some form that connect to the core word.

I Cosplay because I find it a different world to escape into once in a while, take on somebody else for a couple of hours, live a different life for a bit, like books do for you, and for I at times. I Cosplay many different characters, but tend to re-do my favourite ones repeatedly, which has ended up becoming a nickname of sorts with my Cosplay friends as it connects me to that character. I have some Cosplay costumes lined up to take on some characters from my favourite books (which is why Kirsty asked me to do this feature). Since I'll be taking over on most Thursday 's on the blog, over the course of Cosplay Antics, I'm hoping to keep progress of what I've done and how I've done it as the costumes come together, and of course the finished project.

I will also be talking about any books that may involve Cosplay or projects among friends and ideas inspired by my favourites. I'll be keeping a record and covering any events that may happen, like the recent MCM London Comic Con that happened in May.  

But enough about Cosplay- you say, you mentioned food! Yes, food, glorious food.


I'm also a baker, I bake a lot. Cakes, cupcakes, mini cakes, baby cakes, rice krispie cakes mini cakes in cakes. I prepare stuff for Cosplay meets, but most of the time just for fun and to see what concoctions I can come up with and if it's still edible.  Over the course of  Edible Books I'll be taking delicious food mentioned in books (e.g The Hunger Games) and creating my own inspired version, I'll be recording things as I go and creating recipes that would go great with the same book and a cup of tea.

Hope you'll enjoy both Cosplay Antics and Edible Book, if you have any questions, ask below, but go easy on me, I'm just starting.