Friday, 31 January 2014

Review: All That Glows

All That Glows

Publication Date:  February 11th 2014                          
~A copy was provided by HarperTeen  via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review~

 Emrys—a fiery, red-headed Fae—always embraced her life in the Highlands, far from the city’s draining technology, until she’s sent to London to rejoin the Faery Guard. But this isn’t any normal assignment—she’s sent to guard Prince Richard: Britain’s notorious, partying bad boy and soon-to-be King. The prince’s careless ways and royal blood make him the irresistible for the dark spirits that feed on mortals. Sweet, disheveled, and alive with adventure—Richard is one charge who will put Emrys’s magic and heart to the test.

When an ancient force begins preying on the monarchy, Emrys must hunt through the London’s magical underworld, facing down Banshees, Black Dogs and Green Women to find the one who threatens Richard’s life. In this chaos of dark magic, palace murders and paparazzi, Emrys finds herself facing an impossible choice. For despite all her powers, Emrys has discovered a force that burns brighter than magic: love


I'm not a huge fan of Fae stories. I've read a few, but I'm not Team Fae. So what made me download All That Glows? Well, the fact that it's centred in London and about the Royal family, even if it's  a fictional one.  Was it what I was expecting?
Yes and no.

Yes, to the fact it was interesting, the whole system of The Guard- Fae who protect the Royal family throughout generations, from The Green Woman, Banshee's, Black Dogs, and well, themselves. It was a fun take, and restoring back to Arthurian, definitely caught my attention, because I love anything to do with that.

So why no?
No, because I was expecting this badass group of Fae, doing badass stuff, which, you never really got. Maybe once or twice in a scene, but in most of the confrontational scenes where you think oh, fight, but there wasn't. "they" just leave.

Was it good? Eh.
Was it great? No.

For me, whose not exactly Fae friendly, it was bit of a drawn out read, though it was fun and interesting, and I think it would've been a whole lot more if it wasn't pointedly focused on the-you guessed it- forbidden romance between Emrys and Prince Richard. Now, I'm partial to romance when it has chemistry, when it's done properly and you yourself get drawn into it. The romance in All That Glows I didn't really get it because there was no intention in it, you know? It was 16% in when the insta-love began. When Emrys first realises she has feelings for the Prince she's supposed to be protecting. 16%. For real. I just can't even. It annoys me to no end because I think the romance could've been done really well,  even if it's creepy- but it wasn't done properly. I just didn't get it.
It's like a Vegas wedding.

There was no build-up, there was no getting to know eachother whatsoever before all of it, it was too soon, too quick, and just too everything. Then, on top of that, of course, it's forbidden on more than a couple of accounts.
1.) Because he's a Prince and she's guarding him.

2.) She's Fae and he's mortal.
And the ever classic

3) If they get carried away, or she, as Emrys does actually (!) say at one part "get too excited" her magic goes a little haywire and ends up hurting Richard.
You might be wondering why I'm focusing more on the romance, and well, a) it annoyed me, and b) there isn't a whole lot else to focus on.

For the most part the pacing and plot is pretty slippery, there's something going on, you know something's going on. But, you don't see what's going on. You're told through partial conversations between Emrys once she's been summoned by Queen Mab.

Queen Mab gives her orders that she blatantly pretty much ignores, except for the 'protect the prince' part, when she's, you know, not trying to kill him with a kiss or internal monologue of wanting to said kiss and blah blah blah.
It's pretty basic in the fact that you don't know what the eff is going on until it hits you in the face towards the last few chapters.

You also don't really get who Emrys is, I suppose in a sense, you do when she gets all humany feelings and acts like a fifteen year old with a  crush. But, we're told she's a young Fae (in terms of Fae years) and that's she's worked hard to get as high in ranks with Queen Mabs court, quicker than others, but you don't see that.
She's determined, yes, but she's supposed to be this strong, protective force of nature and she fell a little flat on it once the "feelings" start leaking in.

Is it worth it? Despite the shaky start I started warming to it, a little late that in should have, but ultimately, no.
All That Glows is a an okay-ish, verging on cheesy story about forbidden love, but don't expect much on the Fae side.
Rating:  2/5