Monday, 25 November 2013

Review: Revel


Publication Date: February 12th 2013        
Publisher:  Delacorte Books for Young Readers       

There’s an island off the coast of Maine that’s not on any modern map.

Shrouded in mist and protected by a deadly reef, Trespass Island is home to a community of people who guard the island and its secrets from outsiders. Seventeen-year-old Delia grew up in Kansas, but has come here in search of her family and answers to her questions: Why didn’t her mother ever talk about Trespass Island? Why did she fear the open water? But Delia’s not welcome and soon finds herself enmeshed in a frightening and supernatural world where ancient Greek symbols adorn the buildings and secret ceremonies take place on the beach at night.

Sean Gunn, a handsome young lobsterman, befriends Delia and seems willing to risk his life to protect her. But it’s Jax, the coldly elusive young man she meets at the water’s edge, who finally makes Delia understand the real dangers of life on the island. Delia is going to have to fight to survive. Because there are monsters here. And no one ever leaves Trespass alive.

Revel, Revel, Revel. What am I going to do with you? You were not what I was expecting, at all. But, you were so good I don't freaking care.
I had started to read Revel a while ago but gave up, probably because of the mood I was in, so I didn't want to not read it a second time, and I didn't. So. Good.
For all the mythology based novels that's been out there, Revel had a unique flare going for it, that was a total surprise. And I loved that I didn't know what was going to happen, or what the hell was going on for a while, it was fun to get lost in it, to really read it for what it was, and to see how everything connected, the way Delia was connected to this  magical yet our right scary island. An our right scary island that's bordered by fishy creatures that protect Trespass Island from well, trespassers (shh) But, don't let the protection fool you, one whack from a tail of the fishy creature, and you're quite dead. Ordered and Ruled through The First Ones and demigods, the  residents of Trespass Island have everything they need, some fishermen deemed to grab supplies from the mainland while the demigods sneak off craters of food, entertainment goods, even gossip magazines that are somewhat way out of date.

The First Ones give everything.
Except for reception.

Of course, all the goods don't come with a out-of-the-good-of-my-heart clause.  The residents have a price to pay, everyone has a full time job, some feed the fishy creatures to keep them happy, and then there's Revel. Now, I won't say too much about Revel, and how it  connects  the revelations, but I will tell you it's a flipping amazing one. The first time I heard characters talking about it, I knew it would be something not right with it, but wasn't expecting what it was. 
It was hard to get a grip on Delia, though she becomes this feisty character, she was kind of...I don't even know. It's like she was a part of the story, and she is, obviously, in a major way, but the way it's told is kind of seamless, that she didn't just read like a character. She was likeable, and realistic, also a little troublemaker, well, anyone would seem like a troublemaker if they didn't abide the rules that are set. But, Delia's not a patient or content person, she's not to just comply and take order just because someone tells her to.

Jax is a perfect counterpart, however, while he's all of these things,  Jax  can't press the boundaries, already labelled a rebel among his own, he knows the consequences.
Sean, was such an infuriating character for a few things, while being a completely nice character, but he was also a complete ass. He pretends to have control when he clearly doesn't. He doesn't ask for help and is pissed when someone does. He's stubborn as hell and is very...presumptive  about Delia. Like it didn't mattered if she had a choice.

The background characters, were exactly that. Background. We have some interactions but they're not developed enough to have an opinion on them.
What infuriated me the most about Revel was the way the islanders act. I get they're protective of it, the lives they live, and the structure they're used to, but they are cold and frankly, really fucking rude. They're set in their ways, but the way they act is just blah, she's a person for fucks sake. They might as well have bound her like a witch and throw stones at her. And no, it's not that far fetched.

Overall, I really enjoyed Revel more than I thought I would, I was expecting something completely different to what I got and it was an amazing surprise, and there' are a ton of surprises within the surprise.

Revel was engaging with a well developed world and an unique spin on mythology.

Rating: 4/5