Monday, 16 September 2013

Review: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (Gallagher Girls #2)

Publication Date: 2010 by Orchard Books (first published October 2nd 2007)
Source: Own
Cammie Morgan may have a genius IQ and attend the best school in the country, but as she starts the spring semester of her sophomore year there are a lot of things she doesn't know. Like will her ex-boyfriend even remember she exists? And how much trouble did she really get in last semester? And, most of all, exactly why is her mother acting so strangely?

All Cammie wants is a nice, normal semester, but she's about to learn her greatest lesson yet—that when you go to a school for spies, nothing is ever as it seems

Oh, you totally had me going there for a bit, and I do not like being punked. I do not like being duped, but dammit it was amazing.
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy starts off a month after I'd Tell You I'd Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You left. New term, new drama, new trouble and...the start of truth and character development.
Is it possible to love a sequel than the original? After all, if there wasn't the foremost there wouldn't be a latter...but I did, love the second than the first, that is.
Know why?
Now, I know I said I liked Josh, that he was sweet and nice and blah blah blah bit I jump ships faster than you can walk the plank. Zach was just- Oh, everything. He was sly and cocky-in a good way- funny, a little smooth but most of all underneath, he's sweet and unsure and a little vulnerable- Just like Cammie.
He's like her, he gets her, more than Josh ever could and she doesn't have to lie to him. He's not afraid to challenge Cammie, and he's not afraid to get beat up by her either. He respects her.
They worked well together, and it did put a change in her.
This time around Cammie is still Cammie, she's still awkward, determined as ever, and she's still a little insecure and hidden, but now her voice is a little more confident and wiser from last terms antics.
Bex is still Bex, she's really underestimated though, and extremely funny.
I found Liz faded into the background a little, compared to the first, since she's no longer on the same track as Cam and Bex, but she can still hold her own and as quirky as ever.
I'm mentioning Macey this time around since I liked her a lot more than the first. She's settled in now, she's still full of snark but she's nicer...more bark than bite.
I loved Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy more than I'd Tell You I'd Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You because I finally got what I wanted- more espionage! The stakes are higher this time, and there's more adjustment and a glimpse beyond the Gallagher Academy and into the secrets and depths behind their walls. Which also made it more fun. And of course, there's the boy drama and the same antics from the last time began and a lot more challenging when you're trying to out spy a spy.
Again, it was quick, fun and full of everything awesome.
Rating: 4.5/5