Wednesday, 12 August 2015

DNF Review: 13 Days of Midnight

13 Days of Midnight
Publication Date: July 2nd 2015
Publisher: Orchard Books
~A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review~

 When Luke Manchett's estranged father dies suddenly, he leaves his son a dark inheritance. Luke has been left in charge of his father's ghost collection: eight restless spirits. They want revenge for their long enslavement, and in the absence of the father, they're more than happy to take his son. It isn't fair, but you try and reason with the vengeful dead.

Halloween, the night when the ghosts reach the height of their power, is fast approaching. With the help of school witchlet Elza Moss, and his cowardly dog Ham, Luke has just thirteen days to uncover the closely guarded secrets of black magic, and send the unquiet spirits to their eternal rest. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

This is going to be a short review, because I don't have much to say about Thirteen Days to Midnight, bar the last 25%, it was boring me to death, pun not intended. Okay, I'm being a little mean, it wasn't that bad, but it seemed like a first in a series, which is not, I don't think, and it felt more like a spoof of a mixture of things of sorts.

Luke is a, uhm, less than appealing main character, he's pretty shallow and judgmental of others who are "different" and not in the "in" crowd, and it attracted to Holiday (no, really) a blonde, basically the perfect image of what everyone thinks is the perfect image, and she's totally kind and nice even though he doesn't know she's totally kind or even nice because he's never actually talked to her that much, but she's obviously as kind and nice on the inside because she looks totally hot on the outside... Yes, that is sarcasm. Spare me. There is character growth though! So, yay. But, he was still kind of a dick, but I didn't really have any connection to the characters anyway, so didn't really care. 

Here's my main problem about Thirteen Days of Midnight...what was it actually about? This is why it felt more of a first in a series because the plot wasn't really there. I mean, the whole things is just...father died...signs paperwork that should have really read before signing...i can see dead people...oh dead people took over my they're trying to kill me for good...the whole thing was based on the stupidity of the main character. Most of the things to make the story feel more authentic were coincidental too, like the book Luke inherits that was his fathers, he can't open, and once he does, it's blank, it's only around 80% where things change, and it just felt like that was just to prolong DNF'ing at 80%