Friday, 27 March 2015


Hello,  you (yes, you) just a little announcement, Amber has been on the blog off an on with Edible Books and Cosplay Antics, she hasn't had time to do anything for those two features for...well, a while but let's not focus on that. and as she told me...

Like the terminator.

And now she's a reviewer!I did ask Amber a while back if she wanted to start reviewing, but at the time she wasn't reading as much so we came up with Edible Books and Cosplay Antics.

 If you've forgotten her, here's a little reminder.

Name: Amber Louise Jones
Age: 20 Time and age does not apply to me.
Height: 5'6 Taller than Kirsty, in your face Kirst.
Live: Cardiff in Wales It rains a lot.Online names: PoemMistress123/ Mistress Onyx
Nicknames: Mama/Papa mouse and Squeak/Squishy Evil little munchkin by Kirsty.Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Poet, Cosplayer and Baking.

If you haven't already figured out, my names Amber, I'm Kirsty's evil little munchkin cousin, I have many hobbies as stated above but the three that are the most interesting to me are my Cosplaying, my Baking, and reading.  I'm making more time to read now, so I'm looking forward to starting to review the books I read, as a way to keep track of what I'm reading, but  also to meet other bookish people and talk about books!

Amber has different tastes in books to me, I think I mentioned on a tag that she likes the Hush, Hush and House of Night series, and I'd rather eat the pages than finish them, so I think it'll be fun to have a different perspective and a wider variety with different genres and ages-ince Amber likes to read some younger YA books-on here, and to have some books that I wouldn't read myself. She will be rating hers a little differently too, and has a different style of guest reviewing a book she's thinking about DNF-ING.
Amber has written her first review, which will be up next week, and until she does get into the swing of things, I'll be handling the comments back! :D