Monday, 1 September 2014

Reivew: The Mission (AKA, yay, only two titles this time.)

The Mission (AKA I Am the Mission (The Unknown Assassin #2)
Publication Date: 4th September 2014 (UK)
Publisher: Orchard Books
~A copy was provided by the publisher & the Books With Bite team in exchange for an honest review~

He was the perfect assassin. No name. No past. No remorse. Perfect, that is, until he began to ask questions and challenge his orders. Now The Program is worried that their valuable soldier has become a liability.

And so Boy Nobody is given a new mission. A test of sorts. A chance to prove his loyalty.

His objective: Take out Eugene Moore, the owner of an extremist military training camp for teenagers. It sounds like a simple task, but a previous operative couldn't do it. He lost the mission and is presumed dead. Now Boy Nobody is confident he can finish the job. Quickly.

But when things go awry, Boy Nobody finds himself lost in a mission where nothing is as it seems: not The Program, his allegiances, nor the truth.

The riveting second book in Allen Zadoff's Boy Nobody series delivers heart-pounding action and a shocking new twist that makes Boy Nobody question everything he has believed.

I binge read The Hit ( you can read my review here) and The Mission in 6 hours over four days, back in July because I couldn't wait.  It's a wonder I'm not freaking paranoid right now...okay, more paranoid. So. Worth. It. I can honestly say this has become one of my favourite series because it is completely immoral and completely badass. And there's just something about it that's addicting, that made me not want to put it down because I had to know what came next.

The Mission, although as addicting as The Hit, has a different feel than The Hit had, and though it's equally amazing (as I've given them both 5/5) they do seem separated from one another, which is probably because of the events that happened in the last mission, and the things (then) Ben and now (Daniel) and (I'm not telling you his real name) has found between that mission and his new one, The Lost Mission, and that isn't a bad thing because it keeps you on your toes and you never get comfortable or bored, since we all know second book in a series syndrome. Luckily, The Mission doesn't have that problem.

Let's keep calling the unknown assassin, Boy Nobody shall we? Continuing on from The Hit,  Boy Nobody needs a little downtime after he had to choose and decide between his feelings and his mission,  and his wavering, his loyalty is being test not just by himself but by The Program too. And The Program has the perfect mission that hits two birds with one stone.

 An operative is missing, presumed dead, The Mission Lost, and they send Boy Nobody in to finish what the operative had started. Again, this Mission is different, it has higher stakes and higher pressure since Father is with him. Going undercover as  Daniel to an open night that's supposed to be open for recruitment, Boy Nobody needs to get a chance to get close to Moore, the Founder and Owner of the radical organisation called The Liberty Camp. The Liberty Camp preys trains youth in strategist  battle, firearms, renaissance and among other things, like the Army, these kids are soldiers. Soldiers preparing for the Fight, a War, and in an extremist and home-grown terrorism way of trying to wake the world up to reality that the Government can't protect you. Under no circumstances, after the presumed dead Operative and no way of communication once inside,  is Boy Nobody to go inside that camp.
With a missed opportunity Boy Nobody seizes another one that is an ultimate test of his training, and with one way to prove his loyalty once and for all so there are no doubts about him, he has to finish this mission, any way possible. With wanting to prove himself comes twists and secrets that combined with lingering doubts Boy Nobody starts to question everything that he has done, his missions, his past, his loyalty, the Program and ultimately, the Program's loyalty to him.

With shocking twists and truth comes questions and betrayal and secrets and a loss of trust, The Mission will keep you questioning who you can trust, what The Program is really up to and  who exactly is Boy Nobody.

All I'm saying is WHERE IS BOOK 3?

Rating: 5/5