Thursday, 11 September 2014

Cosplay Antics: Vengeance VS Wonderland Mash-Up

Hi again all, It's Amber and I'm back! You may or may not have noticed that I've been absent from my Thursday posts on Studio Reads the past couple of weeks. It was my 21st the other week, so a week leading up to and that week were pretty busy for me, so I haven't had the chance to get things done as I would've liked...and since Kirsty already had posts scheduled up, she wasn't *cough* annoying *cough* me about posts. This week's Cosplay Antics will be in two parts again, and then there'll be an Edible Books post.
This was inspired by Michelle Madow's Vengeance (Transcend Time Saga #1.5)  cover.

 Nope, I didn't recreate the mask (which I so wanted to) but I needed something that would go with it, so figured a bag was better than anything. With a mash-up of Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts.

Off with her head.
On with the post!

First off, I drew up a design plan so I could envision what I wanted it to look like, and as a reference as I went along.


 I created two mock-ups, a paper and digital, the paper having more details of pieces I wanted to put on there, and the digital to make it easier to look at.

Originally I made the bag with a different strap, but the first time I used it, it broke. So I had to change it, to the spotted/heart ones you can see on the finished product.


This was the original strap

I bought a bunch of red fabric from my local market (Cardiff indoor market) and used that as the base of the bag. I  then  bought some 4" width ribbon from the same place for the sides, along with some red and black lace, some  2" red ribbon, some Velcro and a zipper.

I cut the red fabric for the base of the bag out (which was two rectangles) one for the flap, and the other for the body of the bag (there's not actually a body in the bag, just in case you were wondering ;)...) Then added an extra piece of the material to create a secure pouch.


  • 13"s across
  • 8 1/2"s down

Body of the bag
  • 22"s down
  • 13"s across

  • 11"s across
  • 7 "s down

I used the black 4" ribbon to join the sides of the pouch together so it was 3"s wide, then attached black lace along with it to hide the joints.


Cutting a slit into the piece of material for pouch, I then sewed on the zip in the gap, surrounding the zip with lace, and attached the Velcro to the bottom panel. Then attached the pouch to the front of the bag. Sewing on ribbon and lace into a circular pattern, I used some leftover ribbon to create a bow in the centre.

The strap was made out of cross-stitch canvas to make it ridged and black and the black and red fabric (also bought at the market.)  

Finished product!
When the original product was done, it took me 65 hours to make. But since I changed the strap it took me another 25 hours since I had to hand-sew everything.

 What do you think? Have you read the Transcend Time Saga? Any questions, or really, anything at all? (Doesn't even have to be about the bag, I like questions.)