Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cosplay Antics: Getting Ready for Halloween SCARdiff Edition

Another Cosplay Antics post this week due to lack of funds and baking ingredients. Last week's post was a Vengeance VS Wonderland mash up, which I am going to keep bouncing back and forth to Alice in Wonderland quite often in later posts- both Cosplay Antics and Edible Books, since I'm in love with everything Wonderland and there's a lot of things that can be used to tie to it.

Since Halloween's right around the corner (okay, over a month left but it goes quick- it's almost Christmas!) I was thinking about what I made last year, which was also another outfit I wore at the MCM London this year. I've planned to bring it back out of the closet for the event SCARdiff  this year. SCARdiff's an Halloween/Horror movie convention in Cardiff (S-CARdiff- get it?) in October, so it's never too early to get ready and plan, besides, it was one of my favourite Cosplay's I've made.


I first made this around the same time last year for SCARdiff 2013, but it's been an ongoing operation redo to make it better since.


I hand sewed the "good guys" logo onto the dungarees last year, but have tweaked it a little with the rest of the costume.


Back in May, I finished the stripy top that will go under the dungarees by sewing on little red buttons.

I did buy a variety of different materials, most being I bought from Butterfly Fabrics. The wig I got from a local sweet/candy shop that had previously been a fancy dress shop, that had previously been another shop and from that previously been another shop. It's changed a lot, the sweet shops been the longest run they've had in a while though, yay for sweets!

For the make-up/war paint I used Snazaroo, shaded, blended every other process to get the bruised, bloodied and scarred look. Or the, you know, Chuckie look. Along with that. a semi permanent tattoo and make up pens are from Stargazer. I also needed colour contacts, which I got for Blue Banana.

The leggings I used, the shoes I wore and the original dungaree's are all bought from Primark and I edited them to how I needed.

 The Result!
So, I know what I'll be doing for Halloween and Kirsty plans on staying in with the lights off and a creepy book on the kindle. What have you got planned? And most importantly, who/what are you going as? :)