Sunday, 9 March 2014

Stacking the Shelves (#34) & Recap

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I've had a crappy week, but book wise has been great, and today I had a lovely surprise.
You know you have an amazing friend/pen pal when they send you chocolate in the mail.
Also, mean because I'm on Lent, and therefore gave up chocolate. (I should rethink that next year)
I'm also not religious yet still do Lent. (I don't get that either.)
So, remember I said Bloomsbury had an Harry Potter 50% off sale?


Yeah. I totally bought them again just for the box, I'm not even going to lie.

For Review:


  •  Let's Get Lost by (Proof/ARC, Thanks to HarlequinTeen.MiraInk Eeek!, I love you forever and ever and ever.)
  • A Kiss in the Dark by (Proof/ARC, Thanks to Quercus, I've actually got her Entangled on my bookshelf that my cousin gave me, but still haven't read it. My bad.)
  •  Mutant City by (Proof/ARC, Thanks to Bloomsbury Childrens, It has X-Men written all over it, therefore, me like.)

  What did you get this week? :)


 A recap of posts this week


    1. Wow, you're giving up chocolate for lent? You are so much stronger than I am. I don't think I could last a day without chocolate! Those HP books are gorgeous! And Let's Get lost sounds great. Happy reading, thanks for stopping by!

    2. That's a really nice Harry Potter packaging. Makes me want to get it. Everything else is new to me. Thanks for sharing :)

      Happy reading!

      Shane @ Itching for Books

    3. It's HARRY freaking POTTER and 50% off? And a box set? Hellllls yeah! I do not blame you for buying this:) I want to get the hardcover one with the um.. original covers. I just don't know when I have the guts to buy it because it costs a lot. Anyhow, such a cute haul and I hope this week will be a successful reading week for you:)

      1. YES! I really wanted to buy the adult hardcovers but I really didn't like the beginning covers, they came down to like £56 instead of over £100, and I was so tempted, but I had to pay for my laptop screen to be fixed, and that made my money disappear. :(

    4. I love that Harry potter box set, just beautiful! I'm rather jealous of your A kiss In The Dark copy!! Cat Clarke is one in my favourite authors :) hope you enjoy your new reads!

    5. I loved Entangled! I read it when it first came out and finally bought a copy 2 months ago. It's def. worth the time.

      HP boxed set looks pretty! Wish I had it too! I only have the first book. Shame on me.

    6. I'd totally buy Harry Potter again for the box haha. Plus 50% is always good ;) Let's get Lost looks like a fun book! Hope you enjoy (:

      Here's my haul

    7. A really neat stack that you got this week, I LOVE the Harry Potter set! The box is pretty cool and totally worth it. I love the review books as well, the Mutant cover is pretty cool.

      Thanks for stopping by my STS!

      Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    8. Thanks for stopping by my STS! The Harry Potter set looks like a fabulous gift idea! Great haul!

    9. Can't blame you, the box looks beautiful on a in bookcase (jealous)

    10. I'm sorry you had a suck-y week. Hopefully this one will be better. It sucks you can't eat that chocolate, too. lol. The box set is gorgeous! That box. Gah! I'm excited to read Let's Get Lost. I haven't heard of Mutant City, but I love X-Men. Great haul!

    11. Nice haul. I bought my cousin the boxset for Christmas and wanted to order another one for myself just for the box! I hope you enjoy your books :) My STS.

    12. Awesome haul! Let's Get Lost looks SO pretty. And I've never heard of Mutant City before, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I <3 mutants, too!

      Thanks for dropping by my STS! :D

    13. I love that box for Harry Potter! Thanks for stopping by my StS.