Thursday, 15 August 2013

Booking Through Thursday: Neither a Borrower.

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme, hosted by btt2, about (mostly) books and reading.
I’ve asked before how you feel about lending your books. I’ve asked how you feel about libraries. But—how do you feel about borrowing books from friends? Is this something you like to do? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or rushed while reading? Does it affect how you feel about the book you’re reading, pressured into liking it?

I love the general idea that comes with borrowing books from friends- the discussions and fangirling over a book you both love, but I do hate borrowing books. I don't even know why, I just like reading a book that's my own copy. Maybe it's because I feel like they have to borrow one in exchange, and I'm a bad reader that way because I hate lending books. Especially if you know they're the type of person who page folds. I borrowed my cousins copy of L. J. Smith's Night World #01-3 bind-up, and took it on holiday with me. How long did it take me to read all 729 pages of it? 8 hours out of a 10 hour couch ride to Lockerbie for an overnight stay in Lockerbie Manor, before moving onto Edinburgh and Stirling, (traffic was slow.)

I think she borrowed my copy of Vampire Diaries, can't actually remember, but she gave me back mine in pristine condition, probably because I gave her the whole 'do not fold the pages.' and the poor thing probably thought I would hit her or something.

Alas to say, she stuck to borrowing games. :)

I don't feel pressured into reading it as quickly as I can, but I wouldn't like to go over a week and a half, and I'm not pressured into liking it either, we have similar tastes, but when it comes to some books, no. She likes the House of Night series. I can't stand it.